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What Kind of Credit For Car Leases, Do I Need to Have to Get the Best Deal?

In today’s economy most of us cannot afford to drive a new car unless we can keep our monthly payments affordable. Leasing a new car can be a viable option and allow you to drive a brand new car every two to four years, with much lower monthly payments than if you bought the exact same vehicle.

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How Credit Scores Will Affect Your Car Lease Terms

When you lease a car you’re essentially being extended a type of credit to use the car. Leasing companies want you to be financially responsible and not default on the lease payments. Consequently, they will evaluate your credit score to determine what rates you will pay. Let’s explore credit for car lease terms further:

Does My Credit Score Affect Car Insurance Rates?

Yes it does. Studies have indicated there is a clear relationship between a person’s credit score and the amount of auto claims they are likely to file. Individuals with poor credit seem to file more insurance claims than those with good credit, which will cost the insurance company more money. So if you have a history of either not making payments or making them late, most likely your premiums will be substantially higher.

If your credit score is lower for other reasons, it may not have as big effect on your rates – this is why insurance companies will run your credit report prior to issuing you a policy.

What Are the Best Cars to Lease?

When you’re evaluating cars to lease it’s important to keep in mind that some cars are better to lease than buy, mostly due to a car’s rate of depreciation.

It has been determined that new cars lose around fifty-percent of their value over a three year period. Consequently, if you leased a higher end vehicle you would only need to pay half of the car’s value rather than the full value.

Here are a few examples of the best types of cars to lease:

5 Car Manufacturers With a History Of Offering Great Lease Deals

There are several automakers that have been extremely competitive in their leasing promotions over the past several years, and here are a few to keep in mind when evaluating which make of car to lease:


This manufacturer not only builds quality, affordable cars but has a great track record of offering attractive leasing incentives. Leasing a new Hyundai is definitely worth your consideration.


Honda is extremely competitive in the area of leasing, to encourage more consumers to get behind the wheel of a new car. They recently reduced monthly lease payments quite a bit, as well as increased mileage allowances.


Toyota continues to remain one of the top manufacturers offering great leasing deals and with the current economic situation they’ve stepped up efforts to help consumers be able to lease a new car.


Audi’s approach to leasing is to make every attempt to do what they can to get customers into a new car lease; such as offers of no money down, along with lowering sale prices. They’ve realized they have to step up to the plate during tough economic times or their cars will sit on the lot.


VW offers very attractive leasing programs, including low monthly lease payments. They are known for producing quality and safety conscious vehicles, so combined with good lease incentives they’ve made it very affordable to drive one of their new models.

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Drive The Vehicle You Want at The Price You Want to Pay
Vehicle leasing is the best way to drive the exact car you want at an affordable price. Request a free lease quote and discover local dealerships offering the best car leasing deals. Take out the hassle and pressure of negotiating by knowing exactly where to find the car of your dreams at a price that fits your lifestyle. Car leasing has never been so easy, good credit, bad credit, or no credit at all.
Understand Dealership Terminology & Avoid Scams
Leasing vs. invoice price, MSRP or APR, residual value vs monthly payment. Before you know it a car dealer can have you swimming in new terms and figures. Don't let the dealer do the math for you, understand the real price of leasing an automobile from start to finish. Drive away in the car you wanted with peace of mind knowing you got the top car lease deals in your area.
Lower Lease Costs by Finding Lease Financing Deals & Incentives
Leasing from a qualified dealership and financing through a trusted lender is the best way to ensure you get the best car lease deal. Save $1,000s in interest alone by locating the best car lease deals and financing offers. Uncover hidden dealer lease rebates and incentives and save even more. A simple loan quote request will guarantee you get the best car lease deals - drive your dream car now!

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