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Long-Term Lease Incentives During June offered by Subaru

According to Subaru is offering amazing lease deals for the month of June. It offers the choice between 2.9% financing and low-cost, long-term leases on all of its autos. While most of other makes offer 36 month leases, Subaru’s lease deals are for 42 months.

One of the advantages of having a long lease term is that you will save money in the long run and you still get to switch your car often. For example if you take a 42 month lease now and decide to trade in that 42 month lease for another one each time it is up, you will be saving money comparing to having to renew your lease every 36 months, as you would need to pay the down payment (usually from $2.000-$3.000) more often.

Some of the lease deals offered are:

2010 Subaru Outback for only $285 a month.

2010 Impreza at $179 a month

2010 Forester only $229 a month

2010 Tribeca at $389 a month.

2010 Subaru Legacy, at $199 a month, with the exception that it is being offered with a traditional 36-month lease.

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Top Car Lease Deals for June

According to specialists in the auto industry this month is a great time to renew your car lease deal. Financial institutions will be offering additional benefits according to

We know how stressful car financing can be. But, with the recent economy changes and institutions being more flexible, you might be offered some of the following benefits: reduced processing fee for your auto loan, reduced Interest rate on car loans, reduced interest rate when negotiating another financial institution posted interest rates, lower interest rates based on credit score tier and waiver of prepayment penalty if the loan is paid off to maturity.

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