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Showing Millennials How to Buy Cars

April 7, 2018

According to Yahoo, 1 in 4 millennials would rather have their mom and dad negotiate prices or haggle for them. That sounds unflattering but it’s not a diss. Millennials are used to having things taken care of. Everything they need is online. Haggling over a price is old-school …

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VW Arteon Price and Specs

February 5, 2018

Goodbye VW CC, hello VW Arteon. VW’s new mid-size coupy sedan creation looks like an Audi TT that’s been having Smart fortwos for dinner. Volkswagen follows Honda Accord’s “speedback” design cue, meaning the flat trunk door may be going out of style. The Arteon has a sloping hatchback-style rear door, complete with a …

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How to Lease a Car: Lease Rate Shopping 101

January 7, 2018

Leasing can simply be described as “renting.” However, to lease, you have to agree to a number of conditions. It’s these conditions that make leasing a little more complicated than buying. For example, you’ll have to agree to a yearly mileage limit and a resale value, which will determine your lease …

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Prius C Is Not the Most Efficient Car. It’s Not Even the Most Efficient Hybrid.

December 30, 2017

You’re probably here because you’re looking for a fuel-efficient vehicle. Good for you. If you’re here because you think hybrid vehicles are your only options, think again. Although hybrid vehicles have longer ranges (generally) and can recharge without plugging in, they’re no longer the only viable electric vehicles for normal usage.

Electric …

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The Most Exciting Affordable Vehicles of 2018

December 21, 2017

Not considering expensive performance brands, 2017 has been a year of exciting headlines in the auto industry. Automakers that have been traditionally “mainstream” have broken through with their first sports cars, such as the Kia Stinger. We’ve received confirmation that models from years past, such as the Ford Bronco and Jeep Comanche, will be refreshed and sold again. And Tesla’s …

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Winter 2017 / 2018 Hyundai Lease Deals

December 14, 2017

Hyundai lease deals are always available. Though, rates are rarely as low as they are now. It’s a great time to get behind the wheel.

Don’t neglect to get quotes from your local dealers for comparison. Remember, you should negotiate the sale price of a vehicle before calculating your lease …

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The New Volvo XC40: Affordable, Loaded

December 7, 2017

The current state of SUV popularity is probably what drove Volvo to develop its smallest SUV. The XC40, with it’s flattened front end, is about a foot shorter than the XC60. Although it’s small and affordable, it’s not a low-end luxury vehicle. In fact, we think …

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Fall and Winter 2017 Subaru Deals

October 14, 2017

Suby fan? We’re with you. There’s nothing like a Subaru. From the Crosstrek to the Legacy, the Subaru line is durable, unique and reliable. Plus, you get the added benefit of all-wheel drive with most models. Subaru deals come in numerous forms. They’re always available at your local dealer. Here’s an overview of …

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5 Rockin’ New Cars that Stand Out

October 7, 2017

Looking for unique cars that aren’t boring? We’re on it. The five new cars in our list aren’t flooding the streets (yet, anyway) and are cool enough to actually make driving fun again.
Kia Niro

It’s not super quick unless you’re comparing it to 50+ MPG vehicles, a category to which it belongs. …

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Why Do SUVs Have Low Cost of Ownership?

August 7, 2017

Cost of ownership is something every driver should think about when searching for a new vehicle. Why? Because not many of us are so well-off that we can safely afford any car we want. That is, the majority of us should be responsible and keep our finances in check. …

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Car Brand Loyalists, Stahp.

July 30, 2017

We get it, loyal car brand buy. You’re incapable of finding anything praiseworthy about a foreign car brand, or that other domestic brand, or anything that’s not your favorite. Whatever your biases, just keep them to yourself. Nobody wants to hear them.

Further, you don’t make sense. You’re wrong. If you really knew …

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It’s Now ILLEGAL to Travel at Rates Below the Speed Limit (In Nevada’s Far-Left Lanes)

July 21, 2017

Life in the fast laaaaaannnnnne!!

Surely make you lose your mind…

The Eagles said it, and so it is. The concept of “the fast lane” is exciting both as a metaphor and as the real thing; the latter meaning the farthest left-hand lane of the highway. It’s supposed to be the lane …

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Is It Better to Lease or Buy?

July 14, 2017

The question of whether to lease or buy is a popular one. Although it seems like a straightforward answer should be available, unfortunately there isn’t. Leasing is appropriate for drivers who meet certain conditions. The same goes for buying. Although choosing either option is fine, as long as you have the money, there’s usually a better choice that depends on …

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The Best Sports Cars According to Top Gear Hosts

July 6, 2017

Photo by Tony Harrison

Top Gear may not air on television anymore but so many of us still look up to Clarkson, Hammond and May as true “petrolheads” should. We’ve sifted through some Top Gear moments today to come up with a list of the hosts’ …

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Unconventional Ways to Buy Cars

June 28, 2017

The conventional process of car buying can lead to anxiety, wasted time, frustration, and even anger. Visiting a dealership and speaking to a salesperson the conventional way is fine but there are different ways to buy cars. You have choices.
Fixed Prices
Some dealers offer a fixed price for their vehicles, meaning you just pay for it without negotiating. The price is …

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What is the Best SUV for 2018?

June 21, 2017

Thinking about an SUV for your next vehicle? You’re not the only one. There’s a lot to like about SUVs. They’re stylish, you can drive them over bigger bumps, they’re roomy, and much more. But what is the best SUV Well, it’s a difficult question to answer. It depends on your needs, of course. However, we’re going to take a …

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Auto Leasing Finance FAQs

June 14, 2017

Need a little advice on auto leasing finance? These are some common questions regarding lease interest, credit score and other concerns. We hope this page helps. If you can’t find answers here, maybe our blog will help.
How Much Does My Credit Score Affect My Monthly Rate?
Your credit score helps the leasing company decide how much interest to charge you. …

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My Lease Mileage Limit is Approaching QUICK. What Do I Do?

May 14, 2017

Hopefully you’re not in this situation. Hopefully you’re just weighing leases versus loan financing. If that’s the case, good for you. Since mileage is probably the most important concern of leasing, you’re doing things right so far. Just make sure you estimate how many miles you need as best you can if you decide to go the leasing route (and …

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Why People Say Leasing a Car is Cheaper (and What “Cheaper” Means)

April 7, 2017

There are plenty of forceful opinions being thrown around about leasing. You might have heard that leasing is a ripoff or that it’s too good to be true. The truth is that it’s an option with pros and cons, just like loan financing. The most obvious disadvantage is the mileage restriction. You can choose how many miles you get each …

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5 Steps of Car Buying (And How to Get a Better Deal)

March 24, 2017

Although most drivers run straight to the dealership and talk to a salesperson, there are some things you can do to prepare yourself for that. We recommend these 5 steps of car buying. The process starts at your home.
Decide What You Can Afford
The first step in the car buying process …

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