Car Brand Loyalists, Stahp.

We get it, loyal car brand buy. You're incapable of finding anything praiseworthy about a foreign car brand, or that other domestic brand, or anything that's not your favorite. Whatever your biases, just keep them to yourself. Nobody wants to hear them.

Further, you don't make sense. You're wrong. If you really knew things about cars, you wouldn't be dishing the ridiculous putdowns left and right as if you have nothing better to do. You would know that the auto industry is interconnected; a tangled web with parts coming from every end of the globe and assembly taking place close to where the vehicle will be sold. You'd know most brands are owned by large corporations that manage several brands. You'd start to realize that making ridiculous statements like "One is a rock. The other, a toy" is not only just as far from the truth as can be, but that you're also making us want to go blind and deaf so we don't have to hear or see you do it anymore. Yea, sometimes one vehicle is more durable than another but let's cut the exaggerations out.

You're loyal to a corporation, not your country, where the car's brand was born. You're not loyal to the brand that hasn't sold out. You're spending energy protecting a brand that doesn't care about you. It wants your money. That's all. It's not going to thank you for defending it against that European brand, which you made fun of as if it was an ex friend who stole your ex girlfriend from you back in high school. That brand also doesn't care about you, by the way. No car brand is going to have your back.

You're better off comparing vehicles and choosing a car like a sensible adult. You have the information at your fingertips. You can find unbiased studies that a are scientifically and statistically sound to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each vehicle.

Instead of mindlessly choosing your favorite brand, consider the important factors in your decision, such as the reliability of the brand versus othersthe features you get, the warranty, and the price. Because don't be counted as a fool by the corporations, right? Because yes, that quick muscle car really is just a little better than the cheaper one, but it's going for $20,000 more. Bogus! Paying for the brand itself isn't worth it. The brand should prove itself worthy. Don't overpay for anything. You can show the corporations you're the boss by choosing another brand. They might even improve future iterations of their vehicles if you hold a torch under their butts. Get going! Show 'em you mean business.

Buying a car should never involve too much emotion. You want a car that makes you happy but you also want to make an informed decision. Settle down and think about it. And next time you think about making one of those ridiculous comparisons, stahp.

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