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What You Need to Know to Get $100 Per Month Car Lease Payments

Leasing a new car is a great alternative to buying and it also offers lower monthly payments than buying. When leasing, you are essentially only paying for the time you drive the car – which happens to be during its prime years. If you’re in the market for $100 per month car payments, leasing a new car could be the way to go. However, it’s important to understand all of the components involved to ensure you do get a cheap monthly payment.  

Basic Glossary of a $100 Monthly Car Lease Payment

  • MSRP: (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is the selling price the car manufacturer recommends to the dealership.
  • Base Cap Cost: This is the purchase price of the vehicle.
  • Costs Added to Lease: Items like the dealer acquisition fees or any extended warranties – for the “Gross Capitalized Costs”.
  • Cap Cost Reductions: Anything that would lower the amount of capital – money – involved, like trading in a car and/or a down payment.
  • Adjusted Cap Cost: The amount of money, capital, involved after deducting any ‘Cap Cost Reductions’ – for the “Net Capitalized Costs”.
  • Residual Value: This is how much the vehicle is worth at the end of the lease term.
  • Money Factor: This is essentially the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) – to compensate the dealership or lender for taking a risk on non-payment. (This is related to your Finance (Rent) Charge, which is the sum of all your monthly finance fees over the entire term of your lease).
  • Term (Months): The lease term – the number of months you will be making monthly payments.
  • Sales Tax %: The state and local taxes you must pay when you lease a car. These payments, if any, are added to your base monthly payment and paid as part of your total monthly payment.

Tips On Evaluating the Top $100 Car Lease Monthly Payment Offers

There are several key factors to consider in order to get $100 per month car payments:
  • Before you go to a dealership, you need to know the MSRP and factory invoice prices of cars you are interested in leasing. You can negotiate the capital cost with the dealership and it is important to note: best deals are always less than the MSRP. Keep in mind, rebates, incentives, or lease specials are ‘added savings’ – they should not be factored into negotiations.
  • By making a down payment or trade-in you will decrease your monthly payments, including interest payments.
  • Consider cars with the best residual value. The higher the residual value (normally expressed as a percentage) the lower your monthly payment and overall costs. Depreciation is the difference between the net capitalized cost and the residual value.
  • Pay attention to the “money factor” – it is very important not to confuse this with the interest rate. The money factor will be a decimal figure while the interest rate is a percentage. You can multiply the money factor by 2400 to estimate the interest rate – the lower the money factor the closer you will be to $100 per month car payments.
  • A longer lease term will give you lower monthly payments; and make sure the manufacturer warranty covers the car for the full term of the lease.
Finally, look for an APR that’s slightly lower than current auto loan interest rates.

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