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The Importance of the Residual Value in a Lease

You must first understand the concept of leasing. The lease price is primary composed of four important factors, namely:

  1. The price of the car.
  2. The residual value of the car.
  3. The money factor rate or interest rate of the auto lease.
  4. The lease term, usually expressed in months.

All of the above mentioned factors are detrimental in getting a low lease price. But the residual value is different. Unlike the price, money factor rate and lease term, the residual value is non-negotiable. You cannot force the dealer to give you a higher residual value just to get a lower monthly lease price.

The residual value will be deducted from the selling price of the car to produce the basic lease price. If you are going to lease a car with a price of $60,000 and an estimated residual value of 60% (or $36,000) then the lease price will be $24,000. If the term of the lease is for 36 months, then you can expect to pay around $667 per month before taxes.

But if a different make and model is offered at the same MSRP, but the estimated residual value is around 52% or $31,200 then that will bring the lease price up to $28,800. That is $800 per month before taxes. See the difference between the two cars?

The residual value is very important because this is one of the factors that will determine how much you will need to pay on your car lease.

The Best Car Leases Under $600

Take a look at some of the best cars that have been known to have the best car leases under $600. Buick Enclave

The Buick Enclave is simply breathtaking. Here is a large luxury crossover that offers spacious accommodations for up to seven people, but the fun doesn’t stop there. The Buick Enclave has an overly luxurious interior with sumptuous materials and soft-touch plastics. It is even loaded to the brim with the option of adding a DVD navigation system and rearview parking camera.

Volvo C70

The Volvo C70 offers discreet luxury with the ability to fold the metal roof for a true open-road experience. With the roof up, the Volvo C70 is a fun-to-drive sports coupe that is spacious enough for four passengers. With a simple push of a button, the metal roof folds down into the trunk, instantly creating an impression of freedom, exhilaration and modest luxury.

BMW 5-Series

Automotive experts are all in awe over the new BMW 5-series. The German carmaker managed to improve every aspect of the old 5-series, creating a luxury car that is even better than before. The styling has been revamped to be more dynamic, sporty and assertive at the same time, while the interior receives BMW levels of ergonomics, build quality, design, and luxury.

Lexus ES

The Lexus brand is synonymous with luxury, and the same can be said for the Lexus ES. The Lexus ES has been obsessively engineered to deliver a glorious and quiet ride, while the performance has been enhanced to deliver thrilling acceleration. The interior is also a work of art, with a mixture of finely-crafted leather hide, metal and wood trim.

Lexus RX

When the words luxury, comfort, refinement, innovation, and performance are associated with a midsize SUV, the Lexus RX should be the first thing that should enter your mind. The styling perfectly blends aggressive form with sophisticated functions while the interior utilizes technology to deliver increased levels of luxury.

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