More Americans Choosing a Lease

Leasing a new vehicle is becoming more popular as shown by recent trend. Almost 25% of the new cars purchased in the first quarter of 2014 were leased. There is another notable trend as well. The types of cars being leased. Leasing a vehicle has always been a staple of the luxury class of vehicles, but it is now transcending into other, non-luxury brands. If you look back only 12 years to 2012, GM, Ford, Hyundai and Kia leases were almost non-existent. Today, those same brands are leasing over 20% of the cars sold, with other brands showing similar results.

The shift toward leasing is caused by a few factors. First of all, monthly payments are normally lower in a lease agreement, which help reduce your monthly automotive costs. Secondly, ownership in general is depreciating as renting is on the rise. Many consumer verticals are showing the same results, such as music, mobile phones and even housing. Buyers are looking for the lowest payments, so leasing is the best option.

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