Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle: Lease a Pre-Owned Vehicle

The benefits of leasing aren't just available to drivers who want brand new cars. Many short-term leases return to the dealership to be "re-used" as certified pre-owned lease vehicles. Besides the age of the car, everything is the same as a new car lease. Essentially, what you're doing is paying for a portion of the vehicle's usable life. Pre-owned lease vehicles usually depreciate more slowly, meaning you save money during the lease term.

The benefits of leasing are wonderful, both for new car and used car leases.

  • Leasing is flexible, allowing you to choose the lease term and your mileage.
  • Lease payments are generally much lower than auto loan payments.
  • You get to drive a new or like-new vehicle without breaking the bank.
  • You can usually get financial benefits such as warranties (the original, still valid due to low mileage) and waived down payments with used car leases.

There are some downsides to leasing. For example, you can't customize the vehicle whatever ways you want. There are limits. You also have to maintain the vehicle and keep it clean, or pay for excess wear and tear insurance. For most drivers, the benefits easily outweigh the downsides.

Perhaps the best news about leasing is how easy it is to compare quotes from all of your local dealers. Just take a minute to fill out our form. It's free!

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