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Leasing a new car is always major commitment; therefore you need to be aware of the latest information regarding every single aspect of the process. Being informed gives you power as a lessee. As with al things in life it depends on how well prepared you are and how good you play your cards, the result you will have.

If you intend to lease a new car in Colorado, having knowledge of the right information will help you greatly. You need have the right information on current fees and taxes associated with new car leasing, as well as any additional requirements that might exist.

You need to be able to recognize a good leasing deal and not to waste any time looking for one where they don’t exist. It’s not the same to look for a good deal in a high-populated area with many new car offers than in the middle of nowhere. That is why in we have gathered the right information for you, regarding where you should look in Colorado for your next lease deal, what you should do and what to expect. This can make the difference between a regular deal from an unbeatable one. You need to know which cities in Colorado are offering the biggest deals and the widest options for you to look at before settling for a certain car.

Colorado’s landscape is widely known for being the home for the Rocky Mountains and most of its landscape made up by them, but the state also has other kinds of terrains that are also breathtaking. You can also find wide-open plains that offer a great relief when in contrast with the mountains. Due to this the SUV and truck market is the strongest one in Colorado, but you can still find all kinds of vehicles in the major cities such as Denver or Colorado Springs. You can find very competitive pricing and a great offer of vehicles in Aurora, Lakewood, Fort Collins or Boulder.

Taxes are an issue to take into consideration when leasing in all states. Most leasing companies just opt to add it to your monthly payments, but still you need to know how much are they. Most dealerships will take care of the all of paperwork, all you have to do is sign, but be aware that they will charge you with a negotiable “documentation fee.”

Colorado sales tax is fairly low, just 2.9%, but you have to take into consideration that you will have extra taxes and fees depending on which county you live.

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