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Hawaii is truly a unique state. Hawaii is the newest US State (it entered the union on 1959) and is the only American State that is made up entirely of islands. The fact that Hawaii is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean also affects its car sales. Most vehicles need to be specially imported to Hawaii, affecting Hawaiian car dealerships and the car leasing choices they are able to offer. Therefore having the right information on Hawaii could really make a huge difference.

You need to be aware of current top lease deals going on in Hawaii and where you can find them as well as what paperwork and taxes you need to take care of. This article walks you through the key elements you have to consider when leasing a car in Hawaii, where you can find the greatest deals and what taxes you have to pay.

Hawaii is formed of many islands and you can find Honolulu, the state capital, on the island of Oahu. Honolulu is not only the state capital but also the center of Hawaii’s automotive business. Most cars can be found in this city, as all the major brands have car dealerships representing their makes on the island. Still Honolulu is not the only place where you can find good quality vehicles, if you live outside the capital (but on Oahu Island) you can also check out Waipahu. If not, on the island of Maui is located Kahului, the second largest Hawaiian commercial area. Here you can also find a decent concentration of dealerships that will most certainly suit your needs. Leasing is more convenient than buying in the aloha state as most vehicles have a slightly higher MSRP price than in the rest for America due to import taxes. If you buy you have to pay for the whole vehicle, when you lease you are paying only for the fraction of the car that you will use.

There is no state tax in Hawaii with they use an excise tax system that is charged to the sales of business, that’s why most Hawaiian dealerships will include taxes and fees on the purchase price of your leased vehicle. Hawaii doesn’t have a state wide DMV, therefore each island handles their own vehicle registration, that’s why depending on what island you lease your new car the registration taxes you will pay. Before signing the dotted line, check if the tax and fee amounts are correct. It’s better to take calculations into your own hands and to check everything before making the purchase.

Request for a price lease quote and connect with local Hawaiian dealerships offering the best lease deals. You can check where is Hawaii are currently the best monthly payments. In addition you can locate and start your negotiations with the right dealers.

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