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Indiana is home of one of the most important speedways in the US! Indianapolis, is the site of some of the greatest races held nowadays in the car racing world. This certainly shows that the state has a very strong car culture resulting that most Hoosiers have a serious love for vehicles. If you are thinking of leasing a car in Indiana chances are that you will take the subject very seriously and that you will make a thorough research before heading to your local car lot. You will only get a good lease deal if you are armed with the right information. At we will guide you through leasing a car in Indiana, what paperwork you need to fill out, what taxes you have to pay and where you can find top Indiana car lease deals.

Indianapolis is the state’s capital and the most populated city. The Indianapolis metropolitan area is where you will find the highest concentration of dealerships with top choices. Following are Fort Wayne and Evansville where you can also find good automotive choices and lease deals. Still the good thing about Indiana is that no matter where you are you can find good lease deals, of course in the big cities your chances grow, but small cities offer can offer excellent deals as well. If you request for a price quote you can check different car inventories from all over Indiana with just a few clicks.

Most dealerships in Indiana will take care of all the legal paperwork for you, still Indiana requires for you to go in person to the department of motor vehicles to register the car to complete the process. You can go online and arrange an appointment; this will help you to avoid long lines and waiting time. You can schedule a meeting and speed the process up.

When you lease a new car you will have to pay most of the same taxes as in car buying, still your monthly payment will be significantly lower. Currently registering a vehicle in Indiana for a whole year costs $21.

The state of Indiana also applies an excise tax based on the MSRP price of the vehicle, and that you have to pay it at the time of registration as well, depending on the vehicle it could range from $103 to $532. Also depending on which county you are leasing your new car you may be required to pay for a surtax, which ranges from $10 up to 10% of the vehicle’s value.

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