Toyota Sees Two-year Lease Growth

Toyota Motor Company has seen a sharp incline in two-year lease deals since the beginning of 2014. Toyota recently reported that 17 percent of their leases are now 27 months or less, more than quadrupling the total of 4 percent they normally see. Lexus has driven those trends with 36 percent of their lease business being two years or less. This increase is a result of Toyota’s push to lease more Toyota’s, Scion’s and Lexus vehicles.

Other brands have seen an increase in two year lease deals. Chrysler reported more two year leases than the previous years as they are also promoting exceptional lease deals. Two other companies, Nissan And Ford Motor Company have seen a reverse in that trend, with longer lease terms being the prevalent means of new car leasing.

What does that mean for you? Toyota’s lease deals are some of the best in the industry right now as they continue to grow their lease business. Find the best Toyota, Lexus and Scion deals at now!

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